Just as important as maintaining your own personal health by eating right, exercising and getting enough rest is the value of keeping your workforce happy and healthy! As we start this new decade, we should make a couple resolutions as to what we want to achieve to change our future, and among those plans should be the importance of monitoring and maintaining our most valuable workplace asset—our workforce.

It can cost us plenty if we don’t maintain a safe workplace, offer benefits which allow employees to rest/de-stress and monitor poor people management behaviors within our operations. Shortfalls in those areas can destroy morale and motivation, especially when our managers engage in behaviors, actions and/or practices that are destructive to self-esteem and team work. Here are a couple of my examples of ways to address these types of issues.

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

We can best keep our employees safe while working by supporting a culture of safety. A culture of safety includes having support from all of the management team for safety, developing and communicating safety expectations, providing safety training and rewarding good safety practices.

Benefits that Keep us Healthy

Tantamount today is a comprehensive benefits and wellness package that supports a healthy workforce in numerous, often unseen, ways. These benefits might include the following.

Health insurances that provides free preventative care and other ongoing care at a reasonable cost.

EAP (employee assistance program) that is a resource when problems arise for employees.

PTO (paid time off) so that they can rest, relax, recuperate and recreate. 

Work breaks during the day so that employees can rest and rejuvenate.

Service recognition so that employees will feel valued and part of your success.

401K or similar so that employees are able to save for their future from each check without hassle.

Wellness resources like newsletters, access to flu shots, clinics and health fairs, to address concerns.

Management that Properly Engages your Workforce

Just as important as any benefits program is to support and maintain a workplace culture that is respectful and team driven. Individuals seek engagement and participation at work to feel valued and fulfilled, not just a paycheck. Your employees need to be part of the communication process and to receive ongoing training to improve and learn, and they need your support in order to address business and guest concerns in a more effective manner. Management that understands and supports these concepts and maintains a respectful and engaged workforce will experience the finest service levels, enjoy positive morale and engagement and achieve overall business success in the long run. 

A healthy workforce will provide ongoing and consistent return on investment through a variety of outcomes that are not always attributed to this effort. When you notice more smiles on your employees’ faces, an atmosphere of teamwork and working better together, more motivation and drive and regular use of courtesies such as pleases and thank you’s, you will know that you’re on your way to success in one of the most valued and essential areas of our lives—good health! Best wishes in
your efforts! 

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