It seems like these days most of us find that our work or business endeavors require us do more with much less. When it comes right down to it, this challenge is really about our ability to adapt. And, adaptation can result in a sense of accomplishment, spark creativity and contribute to a changed perspective. While doing those adaptive things without planning or notice can also be stressful, they can ultimately bring about the ingenuity and other skills that we seldom need when times are steady and constant. 

As we adapt to our changing situation(s) and solve problems on a regular, ongoing basis, it is the perfect time for us to draw upon our creativity and resourcefulness. We might have to dig deep for those resources but with enough time and effort, we can find solutions for most of today’s new challenges and changing environment.

What might be some of those challenges that we could be facing these days when striving to do more with less?

• Managing a business with less resources, funds and choices.

• Working through changes in the way business must be done or operated.

• Maintaining and motivating your team/staff during challenging, worrisome times.

• Adjusting to the wants and needs of our customer base as well as our manpower.

• Keeping our passion, drive and motivation thriving in times of so much uncertainty.

In many places, we are already seeing originality and clever solutions to new issues or business requirements. Where possible, some restaurants are moving their dining options to outside or rooftop venues. Many locations have moved heavily into marketing for carryout, pick-up and delivery when they had never really offered those options in the past. Changes in operations such as sanitation, social distancing and spacing, as well as product labeling for the guests’ protection are being implemented and applied. All of these ideas and more will require us to think outside the box and be creative in how we deliver business results to our bottom line.

A new way of considering the needs of our team is also in order. Flexible scheduling, consideration for family needs and school schedules and addressing the health concerns or fears of our staff is tantamount to everyone’s comfort and safety, as well as peace of mind. This time and process is going to make a deep and lasting impact on how we think about one another and force a new priority on the needs of others, as well as our own.

Now, we could spend our time in fear, frozen and rigid, or we can adapt, learn and grow from this experience. Maybe there is no silver lining to the situation we face but there are clearly many valuable and timely lessons to take away from all of this. In my mind, the most important lesson that we gain from this challenge is that we all need one other, must value relationships, and finally, will learn to embrace the importance of compassion and caring in a new and creative way. Maybe we’ll actually reinvent ourselves just a little bit and surprise the heck out of ourselves by finding out just how clever and creative we can be when the situation requires it! Bottom line, keep a stiff upper lip and relax. We WILL come through this endeavor smarter, more skillful and better people for it in the long run. It is my belief and faith that we can and are up to the task. Best wishes everyone! 

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