I consider myself an optimist because I believe that you can influence the course of your future and your life with a positive outlook. I can promise you, there are days when this spirit does not come easy or my strength stays as strong. But when those days come to pass, I recognize that this is a time when I must dig down deepest in my soul to find the promise of a new day and renew my faith as well as my thinking.

On days when it is gloomy, dreary and windy outside, it can seem as though life is reflecting the same pattern as the weather. At times that I am not feeling as chipper as I usually do, it can seem as though tomorrow may be as melancholy as my mood and will never arrive. And when I experience a challenge, set back, or defeat, it can feel as though the world has ended and that all could be lost. But that’s where my power of positive thinking comes in. I start my resurgence by searching back in my memories and the recesses of my mind, and I find that a tiny light of promise still flickers. Like the blessing of a solitary candle in an endless sea of darkness–it can renew, rekindle and refresh me.

So how do I do it? Well, here are some of the thoughts that keep that candle lit–at least they work for me…

• I choose to look on the bright side of things and because I do, good things will happen.

• I have strong and enduring faith in my God and know that I am his disciple.

• I believe that good intentions beget good outcomes, which result in happiness of the heart and soul.

• I have faith in the value and purpose of heartfelt prayer and giving thanks for life, blessings and family.

• I believe that my field of work is my calling, that I am here to help people and influence change.

How can we keep a positive outlook on life, work and family, when it can feel like all is crumbling around us? We can start by choosing to look at the good and not focus on the bad. We can refrain from judging others and instead show compassion and have understanding. We can be realists and understanding that we can’t change everyone and everything, but strive to make little contributions all along the way. We can remember that life can be as challenging as it is rewarding, and choose to focus on the successes we’ve achieved instead of what we have not.

Now, I know that I make this “positivity” appear easier said than done. But the reward with positive thinking is in the way it makes you feel! Doesn’t it feel much better to your heart when you help someone in need instead of ignoring them? Don’t you feel a great deal better when giving a helping hand in your community, neighborhood or workplace by sharing in shaping someone’s future, welfare or growth? The answer should be a resounding YES! Remember, the real power of positive thinking is realized when we dig deepest into our hearts, find the strength of our faith and take the mental steps toward realization that we are all put here to help others. All of this occurs while always retaining the important foundation of family including blessing of thankfulness, humbleness and faith! 

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