Photo credit: Roger Mooking and Sk Delph

Celebrity Chef and Award-winning Recording Artist Roger Mooking – Food Feeds the Body, Music Feeds the Soul

It’s not often we can have a conversation with an award-winning hip hop recording artist who is also host to three excellent cooking shows on Food Network and Cooking Channel Canada and U.S. and can hold his own discussing physics theorems. We discussed ‘time.’ “Every formula has its place in time,” Roger went into it so naturally, “if you don’t construct the theorem for how they organize time then every other equation they ever created is …” alas, this article will be about food and perhaps a little music. That was the enlightening conversation I had with Chef Roger Mooking and his natural enthusiasm is infectious. “Oh, it’s like Christmas right now!” was his reaction to a few cat and mouse phone calls, and instantly, it was! 

Chef Roger has always been passionate about music. He’s a musician that fell in love with cooking. His mantra is ‘food feeds the body, music feeds the soul.’

In his just released album 2 Bad 2 B Tru, we hear the influence of Trinidadian calypso, classic hip-hop, rock and funk, but it’s none of these things alone and it captures you right away. “What I’m most proud of … it has its own sound. It’s undeniable,” said Roger with passion. “You let the music seep into your pores; you know that’s essential. You should not only hear the music coming out of the speakers, but feel it. It’s supposed to be a physical experience.” Roger took the process further. “It’s like creating art. You tweak it to get that physical reaction. Sometimes it’s a sonic thing, a mix thing, a technical thing … until there it is! You keep working on it like sculpting clay and it starts to form itself.” It was a great analogy and we can begin to see how Roger’s multi-faceted mind works and how this could all finally relate to food. 

Chef Roger has been around food his entire life, a passion that has translated into highly acclaimed cooking shows including Man’s Greatest Food greenlit for Season 4. Be sure to look it up in your
T.V. listings!

Big B’s Texas BBQ II Grand Opening 

Brian and Natalia Buechner did it again! Big B’s Texas BBQ II at their new location at 6115 S. Fort Apache Rd. is a hit! Many in town are familiar with Brian Buechner and Big B’s Texas BBQ. For those not familiar, I’d like to share a story.

Brian grew up in Somerset, a small town south of San Antonio. It had one blinking traffic light and little else. “We used to drive 45 minutes each way for some BBQ, and it was absolutely worth it.”

Texas style BBQ uses recipes and techniques handed down for decades. “We try to stay as true to the tradition as possible. You start with high quality meat, no brines or injections of any kind … just a very primitive salt and pepper rub, and smoke over real wood, low and slow.” His mission is to preserve the style of pit-masters from decades ago for future generations.

Traditional Texas BBQ uses true smoking wood that’s scarce and expensive. “We wanted to do this right and not cut corners, so we bring the wood in directly from south Texas.” It’s a labor of love which is 100% evident in what happened next in the journey of providing great BBQ. 

On October 1, 2017 a shooter opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Brian and Natalia were there. “It was a great day up until that moment … Nothing but happy faces around. We were the food vendors at the VIP section to the right of the stage and were right in the middle of the line of fire,” said Brian. “Our staff and around 20 other event guests hid behind our smoker while bullets were coming down. It truly saved our lives. We got out alive and unharmed, but so many people weren’t that lucky. The way the whole city came together after this tragedy was truly amazing to witness. It certainly made us stronger as a community.”

For some truly authentic Texas BBQ, there’s no better place to enjoy some of the finest BBQ ever served. “I think Las Vegas BBQ culture has made huge strides and we hope to develop it even further.” We are with you, Brian!

There is also another location in Henderson at 3019 St. Rose Pkwy. For more info visit