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When I entered Therapy restaurant, I was greeted by the very dynamic and vivacious Maria Horta, the Director of Operations of Marketing of Nightclub LLC and the General Manager of Therapy Restaurant, located at 518 East Fremont in downtown Las Vegas. Maria speaks with passion: “We have had the After Dark theme for over a year and a half, and we are just waiting for Phase 3 to get the nightclub open again. Right now, we have the bar (open) until 2 or 3 in the morning and we are waiting to get dancing again!” A night out to go dancing downtown, and in fact everywhere in Las Vegas, has been halted due to the current
COVID-19 pandemic. 

Offering bottle service is a big part of the venue and Maria Horta would like us to be aware that Therapy After Dark has a great bottle service. That service extends to their guests who remain in the restaurant for the After Dark nightclub venue, which includes top sellers such as Grey Goose in the 750 ml bottles, and for the groups who may prefer smaller amounts of alcohol, they also have 375 ml bottles. Maria explains: “What we notice is that when you go to a nightclub and you have a celebration, the person who chooses the bottle might like vodka, but my friend might like tequila, so we’re going to have to get two big bottles; so we offer petit bottles and for $400 dollars you can have a vodka and a tequila or two different flavors and you can even have three for $450, and you cannot beat the price!” That’s an understatement. Three different kinds of alcohol and everybody’s happy and you have a great night with drinks and friends. 

Maria Horta is the energy and the vibe behind Therapy Restaurant and the Therapy After Dark Nightclub experience. Maria talks about her background. “I was born in Argentina…I started my career at 6 years old because I’m coming from an Italian background, so when we are in an Italian family, we need to learn how to make dough, how to cook and how to sew and things like that. So, my passion for food started at 6 years old; that’s when I started cooking pastries and breads ... and started to develop the palate for something more sophisticated. My career started in Miami twenty something years ago ... Einstein Brothers Bagels, Panera Bread to Venetian Casino Director of Operations area training ... I worked in the casino seven years ago as a corporate manager and I thought, ‘I want something more real. I want what the heart is and I believe the heart of the city is downtown. It’s where the art is, where unique businesses open up and new ideas develop.’ So, this place (Therapy Restaurant) opened in 2015 and they were looking for somebody to run it. I matched with the owner’s idea of what they had.”

As for the name of the restaurant, ‘Therapy,’ Maria had this to say: "I’m a therapist myself; I’m into psychology and so it was a great match and I never stopped since then. We believe that food, friends and drink is the best therapy that anyone could have and the most important thing? Everybody that comes to Las Vegas sooner or later will need therapy.” Maria’s background in psychology was a perfect fit for Therapy Restaurant.

She also had more to add about Chef Aaron Thomas, who is also featured this month in our Chef Spotlight. “When I met Chef Aaron six months ago, I have to say I interviewed a minimum of a hundred executive chefs…I worked in Europe, Latin America, different countries in the world, and the freedom [Aaron] has in my kitchen is unique. Every time he presents a dish to me, 99% of the time I have to say nothing about it.” It’s her unique way of saying that Chef Aaron Thomas is a gem among the chefs that she has had the pleasure to work with. To his credit and that of the restaurant, Chef Aaron Thomas will also hold cooking classes for children with disabilities. Please contact Therapy Restaurant for further details.

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