Canadian Whisky is a category that may be overlooked by some American whisky connoisseurs. It is a style that is marked with elegance and balance but almost always has the baking spice component of harvested northern rye. Crown Royal XR may be one of the finest expressions of what Canadian whisky can be. It showcases the vast amounts of barrel types, use of different stills, grain-selection, age statements, and maybe even more importantly, the blending prowess of their master blenders Mark Balkenede and Joanna Scandella. The Crown Royal XR is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind and even includes the final batch of whiskies from the fabled and former LaSalle distillery. On the palate it has a brown sugar sweetness highlighted with the cinnamon and clove of the spicy rye. It has warmth and a wintergreen finish but is still light bodied enough to be approachable. This “Xtra Rare” whisky is a tribute to Crown Royal’s history & legacy. Please do yourself a favor and try it right away! 

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