Photos by Delilah Tennyson

From some of the world’s most distinguished distillers, to the small up and comers, the Nth offered some of the best pours available. Not only was almost every popular scotch company in attendance, but the experience also showcased some other exceptional pours of Cognac, champagne and other whiskey variations. Armed with our gifted glencairn tasting glasses, we set out to try as many different pours as possible while getting the chance to meet some of the most influential people in the spirit world (booze not boos). This was a night for whiskey celebrities, top industry professionals and the drinking enthusiast to come together to imbibe.

Starting off with a neat pour of Elijah Craig 18, we immediately hit the snacks. Finger foods were on point and good call on the potato chips, which made us all extra thirsty. We all know by now that a party is not a party without flatbreads, and anyone that disagrees should just stay home. We also know that one should never drink on an empty stomach unless you want to be the person caught wandering aimlessly through the casino barefoot singing show tunes while sipping out of a mysteriously acquired bottle of Tullamore Dew. 

Visiting several other booths at the event we managed to try a considerable amount of alcohol. We had a joint discussion about what spirits were our favorite out of the new tastings and there were three we think that you should know about:

• Westward Oregon Single Malt Whiskey–Started with gin, “now they are here.” This was a delicious surprise and fun background story whiskey hailing from Portland, Oregon and made from Pacific Northwest two-row barley, fermented with American ale yeast and double pot stilled. Tastes like sweet malt with hints of creamy vanilla. We’ll take two more neat!

• Hardy Cognac Perfection–Crafted before the 1870s, this was a huge surprise considering we like to stick to the whiskey side of things. The taste came across as subtly sweet and complex, but this unblended cognac was a real treat!

• Smoke Wagon Small Batch–These guys love their craft and their whiskies are an indication of the attention they put into an amazing tasting bourbon. By far one of our favorite bourbons we’ve tried in a while. This is a high rye content, but gee golly that spice and vanilla sure comes through marvelously. 

Our only regret was that we didn’t have more time to drink. The event was classy and well done and we can’t wait to see what snacks and sips they throw down next year. 

Camelot Whiskey Social & Dinner
at the Excalibur 

March 27th 2018–Camelot Steak House

A Brown-Forman tasting paired with delicious food and a fun social ambiance. This was definitely a nice change to the traditional format of sitting in your chair watching your whiskey oxidize while someone talks about their product for an hour. Props to MGM for doing the social differently. Five different stations offering a special pour and a food item to pair with it. If you liked the whiskey cake and Old Forester Statesman pairing, great! Go back and get five more. They even gave us a swag bag at the end with tons of Jack Daniels gear and a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel that was specifically picked for MGM properties. The whiskey pairings included: 

• Barrel Smoked Salmon with Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye 

• Berkshire Pork Belly with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon

• Coffee Dusted New York Steak with Excalibur’s Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey

• Lobster Mac-n-Cheese with Woodford Reserve 

• Whiskey Cake with Old Forester Statesman Bourbon 

Full disclosure here, we probably had about five servings of the Pork Belly each. That was one of the best cuts of pork belly we’ve had in a while, and the steak was a perfect medium rare. If Excalibur hosts another one of these nights, make sure you get tickets! Also, as an added bonus there may be a Cinnabon on your walk through the shops to the venue…just saying.