Women and Whiskey – Bottiglia Enotecha at the Green Valley Ranch

Photos by Mary Powers. Maker’s Mark fist pump.

Being able to pair whiskey with a full course dining experience is a bit trickier than your normal whiskey flight. There ends up being a mixed crowd; some want pure spirits, others prefer cocktails and we just keep thinking about the charcuterie board. Beam Ambassador Megan Breier did a great job on creating a balance between Chef Brian Massie’s Italian fare and pairing Maker’s Mark cocktails and spirits. Guests got to sample three neat pours and two cocktails that embodied a light not too sweet taste that complemented each course. This was a great way for a lot of the first timers to ease out of their sweet drink comfort zone and into a more spirit-forward presentation. Flash forward about two hours later to Delilah and I at a high stakes black jack table wearing someone else’s sunglasses singing “Careless Whisper” with a group of foreigners while exchanging holiday cookie recipes and still managing to make it on time to work the next morning—thanks Megan. Tangent aside, the spirit sampling included: Maker’s Mark, Maker’s 46, and Maker’s Mark Cask Strength. This particular whiskey traditionally uses wheat instead of rye, which creates a lighter and milder taste. Maker’s Mark got its famous recipe by baking tons of bread to figure out what mixture of grains would yield a delicious smooth whiskey. Over time they released Maker’s 46 (only made during the winter months), and Cask Strength, which is unaltered and uncut. Maker’s 46 is definitely our favorite and love what the new aging process does to an already spectacular whiskey or whisky (Maker’s Mark spells it whisky to honor their Scottish heritage). In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with Maker’s Mark and delicious Italian food, so this night was a definite win for the Broads.

Delilah in her natural habitat.

World of Whisk(e)y—The Study—Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

First of all, the Study looks like the place Charles Darwin used to go to hide from his kids. A perfect spot with low lights and an aged atmosphere (plenty of old school relics on display) to blend in if you are looking for a place to hide away and enjoy a cocktail. Hosted by Luxury Specialist Jessica Zivkovitch and Beam Suntory Master Mixologist Bobby Gleason, the evening was full of storytelling with an intimate look into several of the diverse whiskies that Beam Suntory own. The evening was exclusively a cocktail-forward food pairing conspired primarily by Mixologist Jennifer Yim and Head Chef Steve Gotham, which heavily played the flavor notes of each cocktail with each of the five courses. One of the most interesting pairings was a Scotch-based cocktail topped with an Arbeg whipped cream and Fernet drizzle served with pan roasted fois gras on a cinnamon roll brioche. There was a lot going on here. We were a little reluctant with the sweetness of the cocktail at first, but it really complemented the richness of the fois gras and the cinnamon from the brioche. Several other eccentric pairings followed and by the end of the night we finished with a matcha crumble chocolate pudding and a nice high proof whiskey. Bobby G did an excellent job of sharing the history of each whiskey featured and even gave his own opinion on the origin of the word stemming from “uisce beatha.” The featured spirits of the evening included: Tyroconnel Irish Whiskey, Candian Club Rye, Suntory Toki, American Oak Scotch, Knob Creek Rye and Little Book—the newest edition to the Booker’s family and tied with Toki as our overall favorite for the evening. We even left with a gifted bottle of Knob Creek: whiskey, pudding, fabulous food, and did we mention whiskey and pudding? Overall a wonderful event to polish off tastings with the Beam Suntory portfolio and delicious cuisine from Rose. Rabbit. Lie.