Photo courtesy Atomic Liquors

The Broads’ favorite Las Vegas best off the main strip hot spots for whiskey cocktails and fun.

Atomic Liquors

Considered the oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas (Tavern license #1), the Atomic bar has been around for longer than most Vegas locals. People used to sip Joe’s special atomic cocktails while watching nuclear blasts from the nearby Test Site back in the day. Now they stand around throwing down high fives and sippin’ on fine whiskey and craft beer. With the recent addition of the kitchen next door, both spots offer an excellent selection of whiskey and craft cocktails to enjoy while you take in the sights and sounds of downtown. Maybe you’ll have one drink and call it a night, or maybe you’ll end up on a bender at the El Cortez across the street playing craps until 7 a.m., the sky is the limit.

Located at:
917 Fremont St.
Oak and Ivy

Don’t let the small bar space fool you. Plenty of outdoor seating when you bring the posse along. They’re dedicated to craft cocktails and help many stray from that boring stereotypical beverage. Not sure what to order? Give them a few basic hints and they’ll create something mind blowing for you. They also have access to some of the Buffalo Trace Antique collection which gives those who missed out on a bottle a chance to have a sip for themselves if that’s your thing. On occasion they offer rooftop tastings that feature some of the top distillers from around the globe. We do the mystery flights and let the bartenders have fun with making us whatever they want. Just don’t try to steal their iconic bowties.

Located at:
Downtown Container Park
707 Fremont St

Sparrow and Wolf

This place. These guys. Every time we go here there is something new being offered. They like to keep it seasonal and the menu reflects that with the food and drinks. Not only did they get a Toki highball machine to make the perfect crushable highball with Japanese whisky, they also launched a new beverage menu, as well as a Tiki-inspired drink made with scotch that is insanely delicious! Not sure if any of you have tried Terry Clark’s cocktails, but this man makes the meanest Old Fashioned we have ever encountered. Write this down: The James Brown. Put down your copy of Readers Digest, put on your I heart Terry shirts (or bring your glitter-painted signs), and scoot to this place for a palate-pleasing good time. The kitchen and bar do good work and there’s nothing more adult than a cocktail with a dessert chaser.

Located at:
4480 Spring Mountain Rd.
Suite 100

The Sand Dollar Lounge

An iconic bar revamped to mirror its former glory days of the 70’s. This place has lots of whiskey. With a constantly growing collection, these folks don’t mess around when it comes to their hoard. They pride themselves on their love of entertaining and it’s definitely the spot to catch live blues music nightly. They’ve since replaced the taco truck with craft pizza made in house and it doesn’t disappoint. We always take them up on their shot and beer special. You can pick from several different combinations, but on a hot summer night, a PBR and a shot of Bulleit might just do you some good. Their musically-themed cocktail menu even offers a spin off the Old Fashioned called the “Smoke on the Water,” which uses Mezcal for a smoky touch. Time to round up the old babysitter’s club, pizza and cocktails are a callin’.

Located at:
3355 Spring Mountain Rd.