This extensive tome published by National Geographic is a match made in heaven for beer connoisseurs and geography buffs. Divided into sections delineating major countries of the world, each entry maps out where the breweries and craft beer pubs are, the history and historic moments of beer in the region, what beer styles are prevalent and descriptions of the styles and what to expect at the local breweries. Also useful to world travelers is how to order beer in the various languages spoken in each respective country. Full color pictures throughout the book depict interesting sights of the country landscape and images of the beer hot spots.

The authors are Nancy Hoalst-Pullen—Associate Professor of Geography and Geographic Information Science Director at Kennesaw State University, a self-proclaimed “Beer Doctor” that teaches about the geography of beer; Mark Patterson—Professor of geography and the Environmental Studies coordinator at KSU, who studies sustainability trends in the beer industry; and Garrett Oliver—renownd Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery.