Talented chef, restauranteur, business owner, Top Chef fan favorite, author, what could possibly be next for Chef Fabio Viviani? Why, winemaker, of course! Initially launched in fall of 2014 in Chicago, the Fabio Viviani Wine Collection was released for online purchase in early 2015, and soon will be making its debut for distribution in our very own state of Nevada!

Viviani’s passion for food and wine is primarily what led him to explore the world of winemaking. Born and raised in Italy, Viviani naturally accepted the role that wine played during meals, and initially strived to make people happy through food as a chef. What better way to continue that role, but with wine as well? Thus, the Fabio Viviani Wine Collection was created, as a collaboration with Carlos Quimbo and Sean Thomas, of Sipp, LLC. The purpose of this wine? Good quality, good winemaking, no gimmicks and at a reasonable price. Who can complain about that?

Distribution will begin in mid-September, beginning with in-store distribution for the wines in partnership with Haggen grocery stores in its Nevada, California and Arizona locations. Currently, the Fabio Viviani Wine Collection is made up of four wines from California all from the 2013 vintage: the Signature Red Blend and Signature White Blend, a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Not only are the wines produced in limited quantities, but Viviani and his partners chose to focus on quality rather than quantity, while considering the environment at the same time, packaging the wine in eco-friendly bottles with recycled materials. One common thread amongst the partners is their passion for philanthropy.

Since its release, the Fabio Viviani Wine Collection of wines have made special appearances, along with Chef Viviani himself, on shows and publications such as: The Steve Harvey Show, Wine Spectator, The Rachel Ray Show, Beverage Industry Magazine, The Chicago Sun Times, and much, much more!

Fun Fact: Sean Thomas, co-owner in the Fabio Viviani Wine Collection collaboration, is the grandson of Dave Thomas, of Wendy’s fast food restaurant! Talk about having the entrepreneurial gene.

Keep an eye out for a future issue introducing the wines in detail, along with tasting notes!

Until next time, Cheers~!