The summer is moving along faster than expected. UNLV’s Epicurean Club members are spread across the country heading home and heading to work. Due to the distance between all the club members we don’t get a chance for Epicurean meetings over the summer. Instead, we’ll be spotlighting specific members, sharing their internship experiences, and this month we hear from Delainey Rowland.

“My name is Delainey Rowland and I have the privilege of working at the Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. Little America is set in the middle of five hundred acres of Ponderosa pine trees, creating a lush forest lodge feeling with modern amenities and a recently renovated fine dining restaurant, The Silver Pine. Beginning as a baker, I have been on quite the journey with Little America.

In November of 2014, at the age of 16, I walked into the Human Resources department with big dreams of being a prestigious Little America baker. After several minutes of looking at my extensive portfolio, Little America took a chance on me which I am forever grateful for. I worked as a baker, creating thousands of beautiful and luscious desserts for a year. I then left Flagstaff to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to study hospitality and upon my return, Little America offered me the chance to learn about the other side of operations, front of the house.

I was excited to return and apply what I had learned in my first semester at UNLV. Returning to work to find a brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen and eloquent and lavish dining room—along with professional and formal uniforms—was a highlight of my summer. The servers, bussers, bartenders and management all buzz with excitement because everything is so new and different. We are all learning the new menu together; some of my favorite dishes include the burrata salad with basil, grilled peaches, arugula and a creamy ball of fresh burrata cheese, the peppercorn crusted filet mignon served with creamy blue cheese mashed potatoes and a tart cherry chutney as well as our locally inspired cocktails and beer on tap. Our pastry chef creates delectable desserts everyday highlighting seasonal fruits.

I currently work as room service, preparing and delivering locally inspired fine dining directly to the room. The Silver Pine feels like a family rather than a workplace. The management has a goal of not only developing their employees’ professional skills, but personal skills as well. Each and every employee is invested in each other’s success, knowing that the restaurant will not work if we don’t work together. The caring and investment of each manager is obvious as the managers allow cross training in several departments. Being fully trained as a baker as well as room service has helped me advance in both positions. Looking back at my time at Little America, I now understand just how incredible our Human Resources and Managers are. They never hesitate to go out of their way to help and always push their employees to be their best, all while receiving very little credit for their constant hard work.

At 7,000 feet elevation, this property is doing something different, highlighting the indescribable feel of Flagstaff and featuring the friendly and hospitable people who reside in this town. Little America is a beautiful hotel that encompasses the unique feel of Flagstaff and there really are no words to describe how fortunate I feel to be a part of the Little America team. I highly recommend if you find yourself in Northern Arizona, visit the Little America Hotel to share a meal with us at the Silver Pine—you will not be disappointed.”

My thanks to Delainey for taking time out of her schedule to give us a peek at Little America Hotel. Ariel Larson and I are busy planning for the fall semester. In the next issue we’ll have our club president Ariel Larson with her spotlight. Until then, the two of us will be busy planning for the upcoming fall semester. I hope it will be a busy one. Until next month, enjoy your summer and be sure to try something new to eat. Maybe give chapulines a try.