Executive Development Chef of Major Products Chris Enright recently volunteered at Discovery Charter School in Newark, New Jersey to teach a group of 8-12 year olds how to cook.

Chris demonstrated just how easy it is to create a simple salad using both the Major Mari Base Marinades and the Major Fruit Bases with only a few key ingredients.

The collection of six students really enjoyed themselves and it was safe to say the afternoon was an overriding success, with another date pending for the early part of next year.

“It was a great afternoon and I’d really like to be involved again. The children were really well behaved and took everything on board, listening and making suggestions. The products work great with something so simple, as they add huge flavor while being simple to deliver. A change in marinade can add a different flavor profile and extend your menu options exponentially,” commented Chef Chris.

On this occasion, Chef Chris and the students prepared Piri Piri tacos using halal meat marinated with Piri Piri Mari Base together with a clementine citrus slaw made from napa cabbage, orange supreme, sliced red onions, cilantro and a clementine sour cream using the Major Clementine Fruit Base.

The dish, which takes minutes to create, is just one of hundreds of salad dishes that Major has developed in response to today’s quick and simple demand for food on the go. With ease of use and simplicity in mind, the range of Major Mari Bases lend themselves very well to being used in salads, sauces, burgers, soups, fillings, pizzas, rice and pasta dishes, sandwiches and wraps.

The range includes 11 flavors from around the world from Tandoori and Moroccan to Barbecue and Fajita. Following the success of this year’s session, another demo class is being scheduled for the early part of 2015, and everyone at Major is really excited!