Fizzics Transforming Canned or Bottled Beer to Draft

By Bob Barnes

Those of you who watch Shark Tank should be already familiar with Fizzics, a machine that uses patent-pending fluid & sound technology to transform bottled or canned beer into a creamier draft-like beer with an enhanced head. On the Season 8 premiere Fizzics CEO Phil Petracca and Chief Technology Officer David McDonald convinced Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner to invest $2 million for a 16.67% equity.

The process is simple. You place a can, bottle or growler compatible with all size cans, bottles, and accommodates up to a 64 oz growler in the chamber, insert the straw into the opening, close it up and pull the tap handle forward. After dispensing the amount you want into your glass, the real magic happens. You then pull back on the tap handle and sound waves magically dispense a portion of the beer adding a billowy cloud of foam, providing extra creaminess, carbonation and head.

I was provided with the system and did before and after taste tests on a pumpkin ale packaged in a can, a coffee stout that had been in a growler for two days and a wet hop IPA in a bottle. In the case of all three it was a very noticeable difference, with beer dispensed from the Fizzics having much more of a draft-like mouthfeel and flavor enhancement. It especially helped the beer in the growler, which had already lost much of its carbonation. The only caveat is that in the case of the IPA, I found the Fizzics version had slightly but noticeable less vibrancy of the hop flavor. It’s worth pointing out that not all reviewers agree with me on this, and one thought it was great for an IPA but not for a Saison, so I suggest you experiment for yourself on different beer styles.

All in all, I highly recommend this product and see it as a device that will revolutionize beer drinking. What’s great is that it is easy to transport, and no CO2 cartridge is required: only four AA batteries and beer! It’s also a great attention getter and novelty for a party or casual gathering of friends.

The system is currently going for $150 on the Fizzics website and is also available at Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone and Target. As for the price tag, it’s much cheaper and less equipment to fuss with than investing in a draft system. I’ve already had friends and relatives ask to borrow it, so perhaps you could recoup your investment by renting it out. :

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Miracle Berry Changes Sour to Sweet

By Bob Barnes

MiraBurst is a concoction that temporarily modifies the perception of sour and acidic foods and drinks and has been called “the magic berry that turns sour foods sweet.” The suggested use is to dissolve a tablet completely on your tongue before swallowing followed by foods and drinks immediately and up to 90 minutes.

The miracle berry Synsepalum Dulcificum is a plant native to West Africa that has been used for centuries by local tribes to sweeten generally acidic diets. The berry is treasured for its unique effect on the taste buds and contains Miraculin, which binds to the taste receptors on the tongue and transforms the tastes of sour and acidic foods, making them taste sweet naturally. The idea and reason for its use is that this product will transform the taste of a cheap wine into a wine with a much fuller, rounder flavor; or augment foods and drinks that are already sweet to new heights of enhanced sweetness. Each tablet is 0 calories, so it could also be used to sweeten the flavor of water or other low calorie drinks.

As usual, I submitted my body to the test, and tried some before and after tastes of red wine, a dark lager and a lemon slice. Amazingly after ingesting the tablet the lemon slice tasted as sweet as lemonade. In the case of the cheap red wine indeed cheap, a $3.99 bottle!, it was considerably improved, and, the dark beer had added sweetness.

A pack of 10 tablets sells for $12.75. For more info and to order, go to

Cachaça Augusta

By Adam Rains

Cachaça Augusta hails from Engenho São Luiz, near São Paulo, Brazil. With the perfect “terroir,” experience and mastery through practice, they are producing a unique and artisanal Cachaça. While this sugar cane spirit is lessor known than its Caribbean cousin—rum, it is one of the preeminent and most consumed spirits in the world.

The makers of Cachaça Augusta have a focus on ecological preservation and operate in a sustainable way. It is distilled from hand-cut, estate-grown fresh cane juice. Augusta utilizes artisan copper stills which not only gives tight control over quality but also allows for the character of this unique spirit to show though.

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