Zabov Zabaglione

This traditional Italian liqueur commonly starts with a base of advocaat, an eggnog-like brandy liqueur popular in the Netherlands, Belgium, southern Germany and Austria. Made since 1946 by the Distillerie Moccia in Ferrara, a city in northern Italy, this drink is an example of the myriad lingering Germanic influences on Italy’s northern border regions. The bottle appears to be painted, until you begin pouring and realize the striking yellow appearance is that of the drink itself, which is suggestive of one of its ingredients, egg yolks; and it’s also a blend of milk, sugar and alcohol. The result is a sweet and warming creamy blend that is quite delicious and I found myself wanting to sip and repeat over and over. It can be enjoyed neat, hot or chilled. Serving suggestions are: as a cocktail or dessert ingredient, garnish for ice cream or added to espresso coffee.

Zabov Zabaglione is shipped and imported by Domaine Select Wine Estates LLC and is distributed in Southern Nevada and in California by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Suggested retail price is $29.99 per liter.

Hot Ruby Cranberry Cider

Named for and created from a family recipe of Ruby Faye, this non-alcoholic cranberry cider is made from fresh, natural ingredients using the same steps as the Texas native used 45 years ago when she made it for her family and friends. It’s also produced in the Lone Star state and uses no artificial dyes or preservatives and unlike typical cider, is made out of cranberry, pineapple and citrus juices along with an exquisite blend of spices including cinnamon and clove. Although Ruby always served it warm, the makers recommend it be served either cold or hot, but if you do heat it up, you’ll be rewarded with the unsurpassable delectable aroma that will fill your house. The makers also suggest it can be enjoyed as is, with a splash of club soda or as a mixer with rum, vodka, bourbon, tequila or champagne. This tasty elixir comes in a gallon jug, 32 oz bottle or a 32 oz canning jar. To order online and for simple recipes using Hot Ruby, visit A pack of two 32 oz bottles sells for $44.