Chef Enrico Sautto Continues to Deliver Authentic Italian Pizza and Charm at Hearthstone

Since opening in 2015 the cornerstone of Hearthstone has been the chef working behind the pizza bar, Chef Enrico Sautto, who demonstrates mastery of his trade as he rolls the dough by hand. We are blessed to have Chef Enrico with us and this native Italian incorporates his Italian charm and family traditions into every dish that leaves his oven.

Chef Enrico takes much care in crafting the pizza dough, which he begins making 72 hours before its use and is a secret recipe that has been in his family for the past 147 years. The wood burning oven fired at 950° bakes the pies in 90 seconds resulting in true Napolitan-style pizza with a crust that’s charred and covered with more sauce than cheese. His pizzas come with a fair amount of history, for his family owns the oldest pizzeria in Napoli or Naples to those who don’t speak Italian, Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, dating back to 1870, where he learned his trade.

I have to highly recommend ordering Enrico’s Pizza Creation: pizza exactly like you would enjoy in Italy, dough rolled flat and Chef’s family recipe made with simple ingredients of buffalo mozzarella, basil and the same tomato sauce as those he made back home. Your pie will be personally delivered by Chef, who will also explain how he creates his Napolitan-style pizza.

In addition, the newly expanded pizza menu now lists eight other choices and includes options such as Truffle Mushroom with gouda; Meatball with veal/pork meatball, ricotta and mozzarella; Carbonara with ricotta, bacon, arugula and poached egg; and Truffle Chicken with roasted garlic ricotta, gouda cheese and bacon.

Make it a point to stop in soon to meet the man behind Hearthstone’s pizza ovens and enjoy a taste of Italy along with a healthy dose of Italian charm.