“Great work. Many new customers stopped by after reading the article and it was a busy weekend. This article helped get the word out that we are open. Thank you for helping us launch in Las Vegas!” Emails like that from clients are music to the ears of any public relations pro, for after all, driving customers and increasing sales is the ultimate goal of most communications campaigns. The team at Magnetic Public Relations is often on the receiving end of such rewarding missives and getting consistent, positive results for clients is the reason many clients have been with the agency for most of the eight years the company has been in business in Las Vegas.

Magnetic Public Relations is a boutique agency specializing in communication campaigns in the consumer lifestyle arena, with restaurants and nightclubs making up a majority of the client roster. The company represents everything from small cafes to some of the highest grossing independent restaurants and nightclubs in the country. They also represent the Nevada Restaurant Association so the team truly understands the specific communications needs of the food & beverage industry.

The company’s founder, Maggie Feldman Rubenstein, brings two decades of experience to the table. She has worked both in-house and at agencies large and small, which provides a unique perspective. Here she shares some thoughts as to why bigger isn’t always better, and just a few of the benefits of working with a boutique firm.

Every Single Client Counts

Boutique agencies have fewer clients, which makes each one very important. At a large firm you could be just one of dozens of clients and if you are a smaller account your business may not be a priority. Small accounts are just as crucial to a boutique firm as bigger accounts, and what may be considered a small account at a huge firm could be a larger account at a small one, so for the same budget you get to feel like a big fish, and get the attention your account deserves.

More Senior-Level and Team Involvement

As a client you are more likely to have a direct line to the agency owner at a small firm, and that person is going to be very involved in the overall strategy and the day-to-day implementation of your campaign. The larger the firm, the more likely you are to be handed off to a junior level employee after you meet and sign your contract with the president, potentially getting lost in the shuffle.

There is also less isolation in a smaller firm as every employee is working together to get great results for their clients. Here, if there is an opportunity that comes up every client that is a good fit gets pitched. In bigger firms account teams often keep opportunities to themselves to avoid competition, even from those working in the same agency. At Magnetic, we have an open-format workspace, which often results in team members chiming in with a great idea, even if it is for an account they are not working on directly at that moment.

Your Money Goes Further

A big firm usually means a bigger cost. Boutique firms generally have a lower overhead, and those savings can get passed along to clients. A client at a smaller firm can receive more hours devoted to your account by more experienced practitioners as they would for the same budget in a larger agency.

The bottom-line is that it is important to pick the right agency for your business, one that can adapt to your needs and that you truly enjoy working with as that is how long-term, successful relationships are built.

Magnetic Public Relations represents food and beverage clients such as Alicart Restaurant Group, BR Guest Hospitality, Megan Romano’s Chocolate & Spice, Titan Branding, TAO Group, Shift Hospitality’s MTO Café, Wonderland Bakery and others.

For more information about Magnetic Public Relations, visit www.magneticpublicrelations.com, call 702-425-1188 or follow on twitter @MagneticPRVegas.