In 1991, the Hard Rock Café, just a mere six months old at the time, put their faith in PR Plus for the company’s “plus” attitude and rock ‘n roll approach that would become the brand of PR Plus and the heart of the firm’s philosophy. Owner and founder Laura Herlovich left the casino industry and started PR Plus, soon finding long term clients in Station Casinos, Lotus Broadcasting and a variety of entertainment and lifestyle brands.

As PR Plus prepares to celebrate their milestone anniversary of 25 years in February of 2016, the owners have never been more convinced that the “plus” in PR Plus is truly what separates the firm from others in the market. As the first PR-only public relations firm to open its doors in Las Vegas, PR Plus was ahead of its time knowing there was a need in the market for putting public relations first and separating public relations from advertising. To this day, the agency feels that separation is more important than ever.

With some two dozen public relations firms now in Las Vegas, as well as the introduction of new media outlets and mediums, the art of communication is thriving and of course, there is plenty of business to go around with the growth of the city. Herlovich often says “some days we do more ‘plus’ than traditional ‘PR’ which comes from having a hard time telling clients ‘that is out of our scope.’” If a client wants to throw an amazing party, PR Plus will plan it - if the client wants a hard-to-get restaurant reservation, they’ll make the call - if a client wants to throw an “elephant brunch” at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, just name the date and time! That dedication of going outside the box for their clients is what has kept PR Plus set apart over the years. “I feel more and more that clients are looking for something full service. Even handling community relations or event planning seems to fall out of some agencies’ scopes, but it’s what keeps things fun and interesting for us,” said co-owner of PR Plus, Alissa Kelly.

PR Plus likes to say they are ‘lean and mean’ which translates to a boutique firm with big ideas and a never-ending commitment to bring clients the coverage they deserve. Whether on The Strip with clients such as Buddy V’s Ristorante, db Brasserie, Shake Shack and entertainers like Boyz II Men and Terry Fator to off Strip clients such as Chef Kim Canteenwalla and Elizabeth Blau’s trio of restaurants Honey Salt, Made L.V. and the newly opened Andiron Steak & Sea - their commitment is strong to ensuring clients are taken care of from all marketing aspects. A large piece of that commitment is that Kelly and Herlovich are actively involved in each client’s strategic plan and in day-to-day client activity. Three senior account executives assure clients that they will be working with experienced, talented and professional team members who are sensitive to clients’ needs and interested in their successes rather than where their next career move might take them.

PR Plus has never desired to be the right firm for every client but does strive to be the perfect fit for the right clients. Each client is looking for a firm that fits their brand, pays attention to their needs, makes them a priority and gets the desired results. “We’re often asked how to tell PR agencies apart and honestly, agencies are like ice cream - you either prefer vanilla, chocolate or some crazy delicious house-made gelato…we like to think we’re that gelato. With rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top of course!” said Kelly.

With five senior level team members, PR Plus proactively manages clients including the Pawn Stars, Hash House A Go Go, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Mercadito, Vegas Indoor Skydiving, The Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort, Studio at the Palms, House of Blues and many others. Whether it is local or national, PR Plus has success stories in all genres of media from television and print to radio and online - each outlet important and unique to both the client and the agency. In the end, when a client succeeds, PR Plus succeeds.