This month, we’ll explore a variety of gourmet-style comfort food restaurants in Las know what I mean—good, simple and tasty food that just makes you feel all warm & fuzzy.

Rollin’ Smoke BBQ
Southern Comfort Food

Best. BBQ. Ever. Rollin’ Smoke serves Arkansas BBQ, encompassing the best of all Southern BBQ. Everything’s fall-off-the-bone, full of flavor and melts-in-your mouth but there were a couple show stealers: the burnt ends and the meatloaf.

Burnt ends are flavorful pieces of meat cut from the point half of a smoked beef brisket. They’re a traditional Kansas City delicacy with crisp bark and sweet & savory mix of flavors. The Rollin’ Smoke version is smoked for 16 hours with plenty of Mama’s Sweet Sauce, low and slow, then charred just slightly.

Don’t miss their smoked meatloaf, also slathered with Mama’s Sweet Sauce, served atop a generous portion of buttery mashed potatoes and covered with crispy fried onions.

Try this little hole-in-the-wall and your outlook will immediately improve—they treat you like you’re part of the family with some of the best food you’ll ever have the pleasure to eat.

3185 S. Highland Drive

Bobby’s Burger Palace
Good Ol’ American Comfort Food

Want a great burger? Try Bobby’s Burger Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. Chef Bobby Flay is best known for his southwestern flair; his New Mexico burger delivers with a sneaky spiciness. Is it the queso, roasted green chiles or the pickled red onions that bring the heat?

Beware of the Kahlua Mocha Vodka shake—it tastes exactly like the most delicious thick, creamy, chocolate milkshake but it’s a milkshake that will knock you down, if you’re not careful.

The best cocktail of the night was the BBP Blackberry Bourbon Iced Tea, with smoky bourbon and sweet/sour blackberry liqueur offset with bitters, lime, ginger ale and a sprig of mint. It’s a complex drink that develops as it hits your palate.

Bobby Flay delivers on a superb gourmet burger restaurant with killer shakes, sides and cocktails.

3750 South Las Vegas Blvd

Sushi Hiro
Japanese Comfort Food

Finding authentic Japanese sushi chefs is challenging in our multicultural city, but we managed to locate several at Sushi Hiro. Chef-owner Matsuhiro Oshima achieves artist status with his knowledge, adherence to quality and time-honored methods.

Their sashimi is first-rate, offerings of the highest quality and surprisingly reasonable price point including bluefin tuna, Spanish mackerel and king mackerel from Japan, and baby yellowtail.

Their mermaid sushi roll features variable ingredients, creating nuanced flavors transcending the usual - shrimp tempura, eel, asparagus with avocado, spicy mayo, sweet eel sauce topped with orange fish roe. It’s a remarkable blend of sweet/savory with a piquant edge.

In search of excellent, top-quality Japanese food? It’s all about Sushi Hiro.

9460 S. Eastern Ave, Ste 130

Montesano’s Italian Eatery
Italian Comfort Food

Looking for some traditional, authentic Italian food? You’ve found the right place with Montesano’s. It’s all about the the dark, rich tomato and meat sauces and homemade pasta—the kind you can’t find outside your grandma’s kitchen.

Try the homemade baked cavatelli tossed with ricotta and romano, baked with homemade rich, dark hearty meat sauce and mozzarella. It’s wheat pasta’s version of gnocchi, with the same dense bite—a perfect match with the rich, hearty meat sauce and the creamy cheeses.

When you miss truly authentic Italian, visit Montesano’s and you’ll feel right at home.

9905 S. Eastern Ave

Tacos & Beer
Mexican Comfort Food

Need some great Mexican food? Just go to Tacos & Beer. Start with the simple quesadilla with its nicely browned, lightly crunchy tortilla and flavorful cheesiness. From there, feel free to add liberal quantities of the really good stuff...the queso and the guacamole dominate, but don’t neglect the salsa rojo.

What makes the queso special is the inclusion of beer and beans, chopped green onion and bacon bites. The guac has just the right amount of chunkiness with its ripe avocado, onion, cilantro and the right usage of jalapeno. Their salsas rojo abounds with smoky tomato, spices and peppers.

It’s an impressive spot for tasty and traditional Mexican food, very flavorful and worth visiting.

3900 Paradise Road