Sweetbreads at CarneVino

You have to love a restaurant that serves offal! Ironically “Cucina Povere” may not always be commercially viable, but Mario Batali has never shied away from using the more humble parts of the animal. He knows that the connoisseur will always appreciate the unique texture of the delicacy and the true deliciousness that lies within. In this case Executive Chef Arnold Corpuz celebrates sweetbreads Veal-Thymus. He starts by soaking them in milk until tender and then pan-sears them to perfection. It is placed on top of a sunchoke puree and garnished with crispy pan-fried sunchokes, lemon zest and parsely. A veal reduction adds savor, sweetness and depth to this most sought after delicacy.

Mount Gay Rum

In a meeting with Mt. Gay’s Master Blender, Allen Smith, he gave us a preview of a very exclusive product. It’s the culmination of hundreds of years of rum making and is a celebration of Barbados’ independence.

It is the Mount Gay XO Cask Strength and is only available in a very limited amount. This overproof expression shows the best of Barbados and is a tribute to its people and culture. This rum is a blended column and pot still spirit which is aged from 8 to 15 years.

You do not drink this rum as much as it drinks you. It is a warming and engulfing experience with multiple layers to uncover. From the nose alone, its heavy aromas of cocoa, licorice, banana and coffee bean will leave you in contemplation. It is not one to be taken lightly at 63% alcohol. I would not describe as hot, but more as enveloping. As you wet your lips, sip after sip you find a multitude of integrated flavors. The magic of the island and of the barrel come together and exhibit rich baking spices, ginger, molasses, dark chocolate and coffee. It has a CTA for reps to purchase in Las Vegas, and soon I hope that we can all sip some together. Contact your local rep for more details!


Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chef Sheridan Su has struck a chord in this city. After working at some of the better kitchens in town, he has now opened two beloved restaurants near Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd. The newer of the two, Flock and Fowl, has had the praise of critics nationwide. What it’s most known for is the Hainanese Chicken Rice #1. The rice stands alone as the centerpiece in this dish and is truly fantastic. It’s cooked with aromatized chicken fat and broth; the ginger, scallions and garlic along with the essence of chicken permeate every bite of this jasmine rice blend. With every plate he serves, it’s his hope that the food tastes like your Asian grandmother is in the kitchen, and he succeeds. The food out of his kitchen is both soulful and with a conscious. The chicken he uses is organic and free range from Mary’s Chickens in California and is slowly poached in his own house-made chicken broth. The soft & succulent bird is served with a house-made Sambal chili, ginger scallion, Cantonese soy sauce and more of the broth for dipping. Go see Chef very soon for what could be the best lunch in the city!