I have always loved the color yellow. It is bright and friendly, and makes me feel optimistic, like that anything is possible. I smile every time I see someone wearing it. The sun is yellow too! I was always out in the sun as a child, playing and creating adventures, and taking in all that a happy childhood had to offer. One day I stared at the sun for just a moment too long and I now have a permanent black speck in one eye where I burned my retina. Oops! But even that minor mishap didn’t hold me back from reaching my true potential.

You know what else, I dream in color, and not just yellow. Sometimes my dreams are in vivid and vibrant blues, lavenders and greens. I found that my dreams were an outlet for my spirit and also a way for me to find and build inner strength. In my fondest memories are my dreams of flying, and not just watching someone else fly, but doing it myself. I would glide through the air, around the countryside where I grew up, amid the beautiful forest trees, fields and flowers. It was an amazing feeling and reinforced in me that anything was possible, that I could do and achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

So, how do we tap into our creative self and achieve our dreams? We each have to want it and want it badly enough that we’ll give it a try. You also have to have confidence and faith in yourself, and you have to think creatively. Let me ask you, how many times have you been in a situation where you’ve said to yourself… “I have an idea. I know a better way to do that.” and then done nothing about it? You’ve got to allow yourself to dream, to create, and to be happy, believing that you can truly make a change, make a difference, and maybe even make something out of nothing.

What does it take then? What can you do to be creative and optimistic?

• Start thinking positive thoughts … It’s a new day! What can I create? What will I achieve today?

• Try something new: a different route to work, a new flavor of coffee, a different color shirt or saying hello to a stranger.

• Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

• Believe in the value of your ideas and your self-worth. Have confidence that you are exceptional!

• Have the strength to pick yourself up and start again, even when you fall down. Don’t be discouraged.

Why do all these things? Because we each need to embrace the power of our optimism. I can tell you this honestly, it fuels all that I am and all that I strive for each and every day. It can be yours too. I know that many of us choose the easy route and settle because it doesn’t require much effort. But that’s wrong, boring. We have to venture out of our comfort zone to see if things we love doing most in life are worth pursuing as a career, a goal or a new future. Always keep your creative juices flowing. The best things in life come when we are positive and know that we CAN achieve our dreams, wishes and desires! Just believing in yourself is the beginning, then you engage your mind and soul on any worthy objective, and the next thing you know, you’ve taken that nothing and made something out of it! You did it!! Congratulations!

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