We’ve all heard the expression “no pain, no gain” and this month’s topic seems to echo those sentiments exactly. It would seem logical that success has a price and sometimes the costs can be high. But what is success if we don’t suffer setbacks, experience challenges and make sacrifices? Don’t we learn from our mistakes so that we don’t make them again? I think that the price I am referring to means that we must be willing to invest all of ourselves: our heart, mind, and soul, into those things and people in our lives that mean something to us.

So what does accountability look like? It may look slightly different to each one of us. I define accountability as the willingness to take on a task or effort in its entirety, to do it with full attention to all the details, and to be willing to complete the entire task regardless of the time required. It also means recognizing that you are fully responsible for the success and/or failure of your efforts dependent upon the commitment you are willing to make. It means accepting the blame when something goes wrong, learning from your mistakes, and picking yourself up off of the floor when you fail and starting over again even when you are tired, frustrated, and/or uncertain what to do next.

To me accountability is also made up of strength, confidence and responsibility. I believe that we must have strength of faith in order to achieve whatever we wish to achieve in life regardless of the difficulty or challenge. We must also have confidence in ourselves and embrace with all our heart and soul, that we can do something and do it well. Lastly, but not least, we must be willing to take on the entire responsibility, and all the associated risks and challenges, and still be able to focus and keep moving forward toward achieving our goal.

I believe that true success is not handed out on a silver platter, it is earned: one effort, one lesson and even one step at a time. But the true measure of a successful person is how they act around others once they’ve reached it. Are we respectful, considerate and willing to share our secrets, accomplishments and our experiences? In life, I believe that if you are truly successful, you do not have to boast about your success but instead become the symbol of what success looks like to others when it is done right - with all your heart.

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