We were honored and delighted to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of Lovelady Brewing Company, a family-owned business which will be the first ever brewery in Old/Downtown Henderson. Here Brewmaster Richard Lovelady is joined by his wife Linda; brothers Jeffrey, Jerry and Robert; Henderson Councilwoman Gerri Shroder; and local head brewers Kyle Weniger of Joseph James, Dave Otto of Big Dog’s, Anthony Gibson of Tenaya Creek, Bubba Amos of Barley’s, Rich Johnson of Sin City and Weston Barkley of Bad Beat, who as a show of their solidarity consecrated the soil with their beer.

THE WESTERN RESTAURANT & HOSPITALITY EXPO recently ended with a record number of attendees and Food & Beverage Professional was there with a booth covering the entire show, which included new and exciting events. One such new event was called “Pitch the Press” in which selected press/media chose the most interesting new exhibitors or items at the show and then awarded the best new items with a certificate. A total of 15 exhibitors were awarded certification. Congratulations to each of them. Pictured are PTP winner Tossware Marketing Partner Rob Alshuler and Director of Sales Fiona Fiorini.

THE INAUGURAL TORCH AWARDS 2015 RECIPIENTS SUSAN FENIGER AND MARY SUE MILLIKEN were honored at the Western Restaurant Expo for their outstanding contribution to the Foodservice Industry and their work with up-and-coming chefs to help develop the culinary arts and introduce Mexican influenced dishes and ingredients to food lovers everywhere. We were able to get a shot of Global Master Chef, CMC and Chairman of the Event Ferdinand Metz with Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger with The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional’s Sr. Editor/Publisher Mike Fryer.