The real star at the recent UNLVino Sake Fever was the 200+ pound yellowfin tuna that the team from Japanese Sushi House ‘Naked Fish’ did the honors of slicing into bite size sashimi for the guests. Always a great crowd pleaser, Naked Fish started this tradition of presenting the entire tuna to Sake Fever and demonstrating the method of slicing the fish Japanese style about 8 years ago when the price of a tuna this size was less than $1,000 and now it’s well over $2,000. This specific tuna was caught off the coast of Thailand in the Pacific Ocean.

At UNLVino’s Grand Tasting, We had a chance to see old friends and associates who contribute their time and products to this great event that draws 1000’s of guests to wine and dine for one evening. Now in its 42nd year, UNLVino is the longest running charitable wine tasting event in the United States, and for those many years has been an event that hospitality students have come to rely on for additional financial support.

WSWA-Wines & Spirits Wholesalers Association of America held its 73rd Annual Convention & Exposition once again hosted at Caesers Palace Convention Center and was as exciting as ever with new products. We were especially excited when visiting the Enovation Brands Suite where we found a Professional Italian Cheese Maker brought in just for this show and preparing cheese for guests’ pleasure. Additionally, Enovation Brands, who have offices in Italy as well, brought their Italian cobbler in to fit special guests for shoes to be made to order! We will be bringing you more on this unique group in the upcoming months.