I’ve always been told that this is a vice, that alcohol is not good for you and has no nutritional benefits. But I beg to differ, especially since you can use wine to deep condition your hair, smooth skin, and heal bruises! If wine can help the outside of your body in so many ways, shouldn’t it be able to do the same for the inside as well?

Doctors have done multiple studies that have proven that one or two glasses of wine a day has tons of great medical and health benefits, as we outline for you in this exclusive below. They also recommend you have it with your dinner meal for best results as it also increases better digestion. But unlike beer and spirits, wine enjoys a more nuanced profile: It’s celebrated as a sophisticated meal enhancer, often with the ringing endorsement of the health and food worlds. Those associations make wine incredibly easy to love—and just as easy to abuse.

However, as in all things, moderation is everything; studies have also proven that too much wine can be detrimental to your health — so limiting yourself to just one or two glasses a day is key.

I’ve heard the “heart healthy” effects of light drinking, especially when it comes to red wine over white. Among researchers and the medical community, this is called the J curve or the hockey stick effect of alcohol on heart and diabetic health, whereby light drinkers one or two glasses per day have lower risk than teetotalers, but alcohol of any kind becomes toxic and unhealthy very fast beyond the two drinks per day.

What do you think of the following wine-related health benefits?

It freshens breath, it can help you lose weight, it helps your heart, it helps with allergies, it preserves memory, it lowers bad cholesterol, it builds strong bones, it boosts your immune system. These are all medical reasons to enjoy if you are a healthy individual.

Remember, despite the many wonderful health benefits of wine, it’s always important to drink moderately and responsibly. But remember: moderation is everything — so limiting yourself to just one or two glasses a day is important.