Mon Ami Gabi, the “Frenchiest” place in town. Located in the Paris Hotel, with a fabulous deck on the Strip, you can overlook the Bellagio Fountains. Start with a cup of the fabulous French brewed coffee, and maybe a Nutella-filled waffle plate, consisting of five small waffles with plenty of Nutella inside waiting to burst out. Add some date-glazed thick cut bacon, or maybe a bananas foster crepe. My friend had a chicken apple brie crepe which I just had to try. Mon Ami Gabi is a real gem on the Strip. Open 7 a.m. to midnight. If you should dine in the evening, you can combine the music and the people watching, all during one meal.

Lulu’s Bread in Centennial Hills is a big breakfast favorite. Fresh made breads, red velvet whoopee pies, the huge Captain America with ham and eggs, or the Benecio del Porko, a version of eggs benedict, all call your name from the menu. Offering French toast stuffed with blueberries and peaches, macaroons or chocolate croissants, plenty of Danish and pastry to get a take-out order. Located at 6720 Skypoint. 702-437-5858 Open 7 a.m.-2 p.m.

Babystacks Café, with 5 locations in town, pleases everyone starving early in the a.m., thru the lunch crowd still wanting breakfast items. The Kalua Benedict is big enough to take some home, a version of benedict with plenty of meat piled high. When ordering pancakes or waffles, try three of the most popular: lemon ricotta, creamsicle and red velvet. Open 7 a.m.-2 p.m. The newest location is at 8090 Blue Diamond.

My very favorite recommendation, for something extremely personal, sophisticated and the perfect birthday or wedding celebration or to offer any out of towners is the Lip Smacking Boozy Brunch Tour. This is their first month after doing the evening tours for a year and half under the name Lip Smacking Foodie Tours. Offering 5 locations to stop on the Strip, and on alternating nights, 5 locations Downtown. With no more than 12-15 persons in any tour, this is the nicest one I have taken in all of my travels. The new Boozy Brunch Tours consists of the finest sweets and savories along the way with cocktails or mocktails if you prefer. This 2 ½-hour guided tour is offered only on weekends and is owned and hosted by Don Cousouri. Featuring some of Vegas’ most acclaimed establishments, this brunch is extra special, as the dining experiences take in superlative food, free flowing cocktails and outstanding VIP service.

At Aria, sample Herringbone, and try the avocado toast garnished with jicama and jalapeno; or maybe eggs benedict piled with crab, leeks and hollandaise. Order a Bellini, and be prepared to head to another 5-star experience at Bardot Brasserie, where any morning is something to look forward to with custardy canelés, along with golden brioche French toast, vanilla mascarpone and almond brittle. Indulge in those treats with a chic French 75 French gin, fresh lemon juice, Champagne or an elegant non-alcoholic French Mule velvet falernum, ginger beer, yuzu. Founded by acclaimed Chef Michael Mina, this glamorous French cafe was a James Beard semi-finalist this year for “Best New Restaurant.” Then, finish up the tour, with Asian-style dim sum at Lemongrass. Steamer-basket items such as barbecue pork buns are not to be missed, especially paired with refreshing Thai iced tea or a breezy Watermelon Caipiroska. End your stop here with the always-popular warm, sweet, coconut sticky rice with fresh mango.

Get your appetite ready for an extraordinary culinary tour that will make you realize just how exciting brunch in Vegas can be. 888-681-4388