We have watched the very talented Chef Scott Pajak for years and can’t help but be impressed. In this culinary city of all-star culinary talent he can hold his own amongst the best. It is no surprise to us that renowned Chef Emeril Lagasse has kept him in the organization for years. Hearing that Chef Scott added some new creative dishes to the menu gave us just the excuse we needed to pay him a visit.

We highly recommend the New Zealand lamb appetizer. This palate-pleasing lamb perfectly seasoned with salt, pepper and Emeril’s essence with a side of mustard and veggies is a perfect addition to your game day dining options.

Follow the lamb with a dozen Beausoleil oysters chosen by Chef Scott for their consistancy in flavor. A perfectly seared ahi tuna is yet another nice choice on any visit to enjoy whatever sport you may want to experience. For your sweet tooth try Chef Scott’s gluten-free double chocolate brownie sundae. Our taste buds jumped for joy with the maple-infused whiskey chocolate sauce, candy pecans, cream, and topped with coffee ice cream.

The next time you are at The Palazzo Resort don’t pass up experiencing any or all of these dishes from Chef Scott Pajak.