by Laura Carroll and Adam Kealoha Causey

Part of the 100 Things to Do Before You Die book series, both visitors and locals should enjoy reading this book with 100 topics about our favorite city. The 144-page guidebook is divided into sections titled Food and Drink, Music and Entertainment, Sports and Recreation, Culture and History, and Shopping and Fashion. As a lifelong resident of Las Vegas I especially enjoyed the items that I found nostalgic, like peeing on the Berlin Wall at Main Street Station, the world’s largest gift store Bonanza Gifts, a listing of vinyl record stores and a synopsis of nearby ghost towns.

Readers of this magazine will likely be most interested in the Food and Drink section, which has topics including Asian Cuisine in Chinatown, Soul Food Restaurants, Local Beer, Ramen Shops, Hawaiian Themed Eateries, Dive Bars, Celebrity Chef Restaurants and Las Vegas’s Classic Restaurants.

My only caveat is that in a city that seems to reinvent itself from week to week, it’s challenging to publish a book on things to do or venues to eat or drink at, as it’s inevitable some will have closed by the time the book is released, which I found to be the case with a handful of mentions in the book.

About the Authors:

Laura Carroll is a native Las Vegan and has worked in the media for nine years, most recently at Nevada’s largest news organization, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, as a tourism and retail reporter before transitioning into a career in public relations.

Adam Kealoha Causey is an award-winning journalist who transplanted to Las Vegas to work at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. There he reported on and later edited news about crime and courts, health and medicine, and government and has also written for the Florida Times-Union and the Times Shreveport, Louisiana.

For more info and to purchase the book, visit http://store.reedypress.com/all-titles.

ISBN: 9781681060279, softcover 8.5 x 5.5, 160 pages, $16.00