Australian Brewery

When I think of Australian beer, Foster’s usually comes to mind. Now that I’ve discovered the handcrafted beers from the aptly named Australian Brewery, that is about to change, for after trying their beers I will likely think of this brewery in the future. I certainly love their motto, “Crikey, that’s a good drop,” and to save you time looking it up, crikey, is an Australian slang for an utterance of surprise. New to the United States market, the Sydney, Australia-based brewery now is sending us its signature Saison Ale, New World Pilsner and Pale Ale. The Saison D’Heretique is best described as a delicate light beer featuring French and Belgian yeast with a balanced flavor, with a hint of white pepper and a touch of clove; the New World Pilsner has a German feel with a down under spin, for it uses the palest of Australian malts and the spicy New Zealand Motueka hops, with the end result being a Pilsner that is crisp, bitter and refreshing; and the Australian-style Pale Ale is a cloudy pale beer exuding rich aromas of passionfruit and a citrusy base and its use of Australian Galaxy and New Zealand Cascade hops creates a tropically flavored beer.

Maine/Stone DaySlayer India Pale Lager

Stone Brewing is known to be on the edgy side but also for a slew of collaborations with other breweries. Now it has unveiled its second riff in an ongoing heavy metal collaboration series. Brewers Dan Kleban and Cole Corbin from Maine Beer Company and Stone Brewing teamed up to unleash this India Pale Lager. It’s heavily hopped and boldly malted and its intense bready character turns sharply bitter with hints of pink peppercorns, ending in a clean, dry finish. It’s hopped with a mélange of Perle, Saphir, Aramis, Amarillo and Motueka hops and is deceptively easy to put away, and at 7.5% ABV it may sneak up on you.

Big Dog’s Las Vegas Craft Lager

I love when I can drink something tasty and at the same time support a good cause. In 2015, Big Dog’s Brewery and Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits partnered to launch this locally made classic American-style lager of which a portion of the proceeds are donated to the local charity Keep Memory Alive supporting the Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. This organization based in Las Vegas provides care to patients with memory and movement disorders, and since this beer’s launch, more than $14,000 has been donated to this worthy cause. Recently I’ve seen a surge in the popularity of easy-drinking session beers that are not too high in alcohol. This one fits the bill, as it is 5% ABV, lightly hopped, crisp, and clean, but still with plenty of flavor due to its use of quality two row malt. And, unlike the macro-brewed lagers, although it’s not a hop monster like an IPA, you can still taste the hops, which nicely balance the malt, making this a great thirst quencher for the upcoming summer months, or really any time of the year.