Producing 1,000 cases 24,000 cans of 3 styles of beer in the first month, Bad Beat Brewing Company’s new canning line is earning its keep and contributing to the brewery’s impressive growth in Henderson. Cans of Ringer Pilsner and Bluffing Isn’t Weiss Hefeweissen previously only available on draft, and Hoppy Times IPA started rolling off the line last month. Our team at Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada is proud to distribute them and excited to show them in the marketplace.

By now, you’ve probably heard cans are the ideal package for beers with big flavor. If you haven’t, please see the useful chart below or look it up on the internet such as this article on the subject by LVFNBPro Editorial Director Bob Barnes… Cans are one of the fastest growing segments of the beer landscape and according to the Brewers Association, craft can volume has increased by nearly 2 million barrels or ~1% share of the total U.S. beer market and have contributed a bit less than 20% of the craft category’s total growth from 2011-2014.

When thinking of the brewery canning line, many of us think of a huge, noisy factory situation with thousands of cans whizzing by at breakneck speeds. Things at Bad Beat are a bit more modest and hands on and this is what the heart of local, craft brewing is all about. This shiny new canning line, which they’ve affectionately named The Hammer, is about the size of an upright piano and dutifully fills and crowns around 1,400 cans per hour.

The frosting on the cake here is that Bad Beat has sold all 24,000 of these cans at an impressive velocity. This rate of sale is not only ensuring the freshness of these great beers, but is bolstering considerably the growth of another dedicated craft brewery here in Nevada. The early success of these cans from Bad Beat confirms a wise capital investment in our local beer scene and for that we’re grateful. Expect to see the Bad Beat cans at many retailers in the coming months as the pipeline gets filled. Very happy holidays to you and we remain at your service.

Are cans the ideal package for beers with big flavor?

Pros of Canned Beer

• Eliminate all light so beer within is impervious to skunking

• Have no headspace so aromatic oils from hops do not oxidize

• Get beer colder faster and keep beer colder longer than bottles

• Are ideal for outdoor use; bottles break and get dangerous

• Are cheaper to recycle, lessening environmental impact

• Are lighter and cheaper to ship, lessening environmental impact

• Take 40% less refrigerated space, lessening environmental impact

Cons of Canned Beer

• Make beer taste like metal. Umm, only if you put the can in your mouth. Pour the beer in a glass. You deserve to smell and taste it.

• Only cheap, crummy beers come in cans. Ok, just don’t tell our friends at Bad Beat, Big Dog’s, Great Basin, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Victory, Brooklyn, Firestone Walker, Pizza Port, Speakeasy and Magic Hat, oh and Pabst, yeah, especially Pabst

• I don’t like the way cans feel in my hand. Too bad, they’re better for the planet we have to share with you.