In October, Chefs for Kids hosted its annual Chefs for Kids golf tournament. Being that it was held during the month of Halloween, each hole was dedicated to a trick or a treat. Sponsored by Brown Blankfeld Group, after each hole you definitely left with a smile on your face. Held at the Painted Desert Golf Course along with beautiful weather, this event definitely brought out several golfers in support of the cause.

The holiday season is here! Once again we are calling out all industry professionals, students or just anyone who would like to be a part of a diverse and elite meeting of alike people. We are having our monthly meeting at the Main Street Station the last Tuesday of December at 6 p.m. There will be collection of new toys for the Annual Chefs for Kids Toy Drive.

Later in January, Le Cordon Bleu College will be presenting “The Farm” at the January monthly meeting; this will be based on sustainability and will consist of heavy hors d’oeuvres.

We are definitely looking forward for your attendance at the American Culinary Federation or ACF, events and meetings. We are heavily involved in the community and your attendance is a great way to network and socialize with all those that share the same passion in the Culinary Industry.

For more information and to view a schedule of events, please visit: